Happy Thanksgiving!

10:32 AM Nov 25, 2010by Rob Ritchie

This Pope Plays It Right

Thoughts on giving thanks and the papacy, wisdom and missing one's father.

Perhaps it’s the approach of yet another dad-less Thanksgiving — a holiday during which we give thanks for whatever parts of our lives are set to the music of those true notes — that has set my mind in this direction. But that shouldn’t surprise, for he was always the true rock in my river.

Via The Anchoress

Let's see how long it takes...

9:22 PM Nov 24, 2010by Rob Ritchie

...for anybody to notice I put up a new post.

Ladies and gents, I give you Squidworm!

Still alive, not too broken

9:22 AM Nov 22, 2010by Rob Ritchie

The last year has been a year full of personal health issues that have dogged me.

The most recent is a broken shoulder that I acquired by falling off my scooter. This happened on October 4th, so just exactly 7 weeks ago.

I'm a long way into recovery, doing physical therapy and all that.