9:44 AM Jul 22, 2008

by Rob Ritchie

Instapundit makes the following prediction:

If Barack Obama is elected President, he'll be far more warlike than President Bush, and far more warlike than his pre-election rhetoric suggests. Because before he's elected President, attacks on America are just attacks on America. But after he's elected President, attacks on America will also be attacks on Barack Obama.

I think he's right, and there's a further consideration.

Because Barack Obama lives in a fairy world of fluffy clouds and rainbows, he will be most terribly, personally offended when our enemies don't get with the program.

In order not to appear weak (after all, it's all about appearances) he'll respond to any attack with either 1) ineffective, or 2) genocidal rage.

10:08 AM Jul 11, 2008

by Rob Ritchie

Phil Gramm spoke the truth

There is a disconnect between the real economy, which is doing OK, and the media picture of an economy about to fall into steep recession if not depression. It’s obvious what’s going on.

It certainly is obvious: there's a Republican in the White House and it's an election year.

It's 1992 all over again.

9:11 AM Jul 11, 2008

by Rob Ritchie

Ending Moderate Drinking Tied To Depression

[N]ew research shows that stopping drinking -- including at moderate levels -- may lead to health problems including depression and a reduced capacity of the brain to produce new neurons, a process called neurogenesis.

This is hardly surprising. I'd be sad if I quit drinking....

8:16 AM Jul 10, 2008

by Rob Ritchie

It's been a while since I quoted the Great One:

In the context of English-as-a-national-tongue laws, it’s an interesting assertion: Apparently it is right to expect people who visit Paris to speak French the day they get there, but it is cultural chauvinism to expect people who want to live and work in America to understand English well enough to navigate a ballot.

8:23 AM Jul 2, 2008

by Rob Ritchie

I'm not really that smart about economic matters, but this explanation of the rise and fall of oil prices makes sense to me.

5:39 PM Jul 1, 2008

by Rob Ritchie

A Frenchman with two asses?

Reminds me of something completely different.

3:34 PM Jul 1, 2008

by Rob Ritchie

Are Volcanoes Melting Arctic?

Beats me, but it's a short article. Go read it yourself.

10:50 AM Jul 1, 2008

by Rob Ritchie

Scooters Rise In Popularity As Gas Climbs

Kevin Foley of Yamaha's scooter division said that sales are up 65 percent over last year, while Vespa's sales shop up a record-setting 106 percent. The scooter industry as a whole climbed 25 percent in the last quarter. Honda scooters sales are up 30 percent over last year -- which were already up 20 percent from 2006.

Bill Savino, from Honda motorcycle press, said that dealers can't keep their 2008 models in stock, but that the 2009 models would be arriving soon.

The article doesn't mention the fun factor, which is considerable.

Plus there's this: Vespa owners I know assure me that the Vespa is the coolest scooter out there

You go that right!