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Bill Enderby () - Variant

(b. 1841) Bolinbroke, Lincolnshire, England
(d. 1875) est. date - Green Bay, WS, USA
Notes are recorded


Father: John Enderby
Mother: Eliza Sheriff


No siblings recorded


Annie Eliza Enderby (b. 1866) w/ Eliza Ann Jeffrey


Eliza Ann Jeffrey ( 1865 - Green Bay, WS, USA )


Emigrated from Bolinbroke, Lincolnshire, England to Green Bay, Wisconsin in 1852 and 1853 with his parents. Enherited the family farm in the 1870.
10/19/1861 Enlisted for 3 years with the Green Bay Union Guards. Fought for the Union in the Civil War. Details of his service and early life can be found in "Billy's Story" by Warren Joseph Ritchie.

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John Enderby Eliza Sheriff
William Robert Enderby