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(b. 1962) Nassau, Bahamas


Father: Richard Michael Butler
Mother: Mary Nancy Jo Ritchie


Richard Michael Butler, Jr. (M) (b. 1960)
Patrick Sean Butler (M) (b. 1961)
Mary Laurel Butler (F) (b. 1967)
Aran Marie Butler (F) (b. 1969)
Lynn Marie Butler (F) (b. 1970)


Haley Elizabeth Butler (b. 1990) w/ Allison Beth Hale
Robin Miranda Butler (b. 1994) w/ Allison Beth Hale
Susanna Lynn Butler (b. 2000) w/ Allison Beth Hale
Piper Kathryn Butler (b. 2002) w/ Allison Beth Hale


Allison Beth Hale

The immediate ancestors of the subject presented in tree format.

                Josh W. Ritchie Annie Eliza Enderby Thomas Dunn Marian Mary Lillian Graff Louis Taylor Marie Leocadia Nollette Alcide Thibodeau Adwilda Chiquette
        Warren Harrison Ritchie Agnes Ellen Dunn Joseph Alfred Taylor Valentine Advilda Thibodeau
    Warren Thomas Ritchie Marie Theresa Taylor
Richard Michael Butler Mary Nancy Jo Ritchie
Steven Peter Butler