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(b. 1856) New York, USA
Notes are recorded


Father: Joshua Ritchie
Mother: Lettie Ritchie


Mary Ritchie (F) (b. 1847)
William Ritchie (M) (b. 1855)


Joshua Ritchie Jr. (b. 1886) w/ Annie Eliza Enderby
Warren Harrison Ritchie (b. 1888) w/ Annie Eliza Enderby
Euphamie Ritchie (b. 1890) w/ Annie Eliza Enderby
Lester Ritchie (b. 1892) w/ Annie Eliza Enderby


Annie Eliza Enderby ( 1885 - Green Bay, WS, USA )


"Josh W. Ritchie was a marine engineer, working on the steamboats plying the waters around Green Bay" -Billy's Story p. 17

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Joshua Ritchie Lettie Ritchie
Josh W. Ritchie