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(b. 1812) Grand Duchy of Luxemburg
(d. 1888) Sheboygan, WS, USA
Notes are recorded


Father: (unlisted)
Mother: (unlisted)


No siblings recorded


Anthony Graff (b. unknown) w/ Marian Seigler
Barbara Graff (b. unknown) w/ Marian Seigler
Margaret Graff (b. unknown) w/ Marian Seigler
Joseph Graff (b. 1855) w/ Marian Seigler
Marian Mary Lillian Graff (b. approx. 1860) w/ Marian Seigler


Marian Seigler ( - New York, USA )


"…located here [Sheboygan] during the pioneer period…born in the grand duchy of Luxemburg in 1812…In 1848 he emigrated to the United States, settling in the state of New York…in 1854 [he] came to Wisconsin, locating in Sheboygan county…married [Marian Seigler] in New York state shortly before coming to Wisconsin." - History of Sheboygan County (pgs. 209-210)

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Nicholas Graff