Gee, you think?

9:01 PM Jan 28, 2008by Rob Ritchie

Instapundit comments on something I've noticed myself:

Regardless of the data, we get bad economic "news" when there's a Republican in the White House., and good economic "news" when a Democrat is running for reelection.

Just like clockwork, every four years.

Oh, but this year, it's different, right? Yeah, right.


5:07 PM Jan 25, 2008by Rob Ritchie

7:35 PM Jan 22, 2008

by Rob Ritchie

Brother Bill forwards a link to a site that sells "unique shirt designs which are inspired and pay homage to some of the most memorable places, corporations and companies in 20th century fiction...."

VERY cool!

10:14 PM Jan 12, 2008

by Rob Ritchie

This is terrific news, if it pans out:

Reversal Of Alzheimer's Symptoms Within Minutes In Human Study

The new study documents a dramatic and unprecedented therapeutic effect in an Alzheimer’s patient: improvement within minutes following delivery of perispinal etanercept, which is etanercept given by injection in the spine. Etanercept (trade name Enbrel) binds and inactivates excess TNF. Etanercept is FDA approved to treat a number of immune-mediated disorders and is used off label in the study....

"It is unprecedented that we can see cognitive and behavioral improvement in a patient with established dementia within minutes of therapeutic intervention.”

This treatment would be a wonderful gift to many who suffer from this dreadful disease.

Pious gratitude to: The Speculist

9:30 PM Jan 8, 2008

by Rob Ritchie

Why Bill Watterson is our hero

...Calvin and Hobbes is the best comic strip ever...

8:35 PM Jan 7, 2008

by Rob Ritchie

This Guy is going to mess up a lot of computer records.

9:34 PM Jan 4, 2008

by Rob Ritchie


I know, it's hard to tell if I'm around or not. I mean, I didn't even put up a Christmas post.

I'm a very bad blogger....

I've been away for a week, in Las Vegas and California with some friends. I had a wonderful time. I may post pictures....