10:34 PM Jan 31, 2009

by Rob Ritchie

Pious gratitude to: Jim Treacher

2:58 PM Jan 30, 2009

by Rob Ritchie

Here's a thoughtful and thought-provoking piece: An Exclusionist View of Science

Hat tip: LGF

8:07 AM Jan 21, 2009

by Rob Ritchie

The Great One writes:

I never thought America wouldn’t elect a Black president. The fact that it finally did happen, however, brought a remarkably satisfying array of emotions. This wasn’t the placement of the cornerstone; the building is never finished. This was a stone in the wall that will be built as high as we want it to go. This stone fit. This stone belonged with the others. A hundred years from now, the stone will take strength from the one laid today, just as this stone relies on the ones laid before. And upward we build, until the metaphor collapses from overwriting -

OK, then....

8:31 PM Jan 20, 2009by Rob Ritchie

Good Luck, President Obama!

8:58 AM Jan 20, 2009by Rob Ritchie

Demonization and obstructionism, whining and complaining is what the Left does when their guy doesn't get elected.

What the Right does is buckle down, support our president when he's right, and try to correct our president when he's wrong. But either way, he's OUR president of OUR country.

So, good luck President Obama. Enjoy your day.

I hope you have many more days just as pleasurable. But you're taking on the yoke today. Pull hard, and in the right direction.

10:18 AM Jan 16, 2009

by Rob Ritchie

Fakin’ Palin: Why Republicans Need To Wield A Little Humor

Does anyone really think Tina Fey’s performance on ‘30 Rock’ is that award worthy? Nobody ever watches it, unless they lost the remote, after ‘The Office’ is over. She didn’t get the awards for ‘30 Rock,’ she got them because there isn’t an award for the Best Impersonation of a Republican Candidate. Or: Comedienne Most Responsible for an Obama Victory. Tina Fey is the darling of the Left right now, not as much for her comedic skills, as for putting a stop to the Sarah Palin phenomenon.

I have to admit, I like Tina Fey in "30 Rock" but I agree, if she's being lauded it's because the applauders are grateful that she scuppered Governor Palin.

My office

7:25 PM Jan 13, 2009by Rob Ritchie

It's been a long while since I did one of these. This is my office space.


4:29 PM Jan 11, 2009by Rob Ritchie

A new grand-neice: Finley Valentine.

My Feet Hurt Just Watching It!

8:44 PM Jan 7, 2009by Rob Ritchie

Pious gratitude to: Big Hollywood

Incredibly Edible, Orlando, Florida

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9:32 AM Jan 4, 2009

by Rob Ritchie

Here's a chilling, intelligent column about climate...at the Huffington Post, no less.

12:56 PM Jan 3, 2009

by Rob Ritchie


The Senate may legally refuse to seat any prospective Senator if a majority of Senators deem the process of his or her election or selection to be too smelly ... unless the prospective Senator is black, in which case excluding him or her might open the Senate to charges of racism.

Sharon's Place, Orlando, Florida

4:11 PM Jan 2, 2009by Rob Ritchie

11:22 AM Jan 2, 2009

by Rob Ritchie

Here's an interesting story that demonstrates how the scientific method works.

We've known for centuries that at one time mammoths and other North American "mega-fauna" existed, but then suddenly disappeared in the geological record, around the same time that people entered the picture. Many came to the conclusion that humans hunted the big animals to extinction around 13,000 years ago.

A new hypothesis interprets some new evidence to link the extinctions to meteor impacts. Read the story for the details.

One additional thing of interest about this story is how it is reported in the NYT. They chose the headline "Diamonds Linked to Quick Cooling Eons Ago". What, other than an obsession with Global Climate Change, would lead them to think that this was the best headline for this story? Thus is science sifted through the sieve of politics.

Hat tip: LGF

Where the Hell is Matt?

9:38 AM Jan 1, 2009by Rob Ritchie

The following was forwarded to me by a dear friend who was in her cups last night. As she writes:

This SHOULD NOT work. This should be the dumbest thing I've ever seen. But it's reduced me to tears several times now--and yes, I was dead sober at the time. May it express something of what I wish for everybody in 2009.

I share her wishes for joy, happiness, peace and prosperity for the coming year.

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