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4:26 PM Oct 16, 2009by Rob Ritchie

Charles Krauthammer

8:48 PM Oct 14, 2009

by Rob Ritchie

Darwin never raised my taxes!

My central argument is that there is no crisis. Certainly nothing which would justify the massive government intrusions which are being demanded by a political consensus which masquerades as "science." Furthermore, I am against government solutions to "crises" -- whether the crises are real or not.

Whether people agree with me or not, how does my position in any way "look and work so much like" an argument against evolution?

Has Darwinian theory (natural selection, and gradual species changes that accompany survival of the fittest over time) ever been posited as a "crisis" which requires a massive government response? While it is true that Nazis and Marxists have attempted to invoke Darwin as justification for their discredited theories, this was pure demagoguery, and there's nothing in evolutionary theory which posits the need for the state to force evolution upon people by doing something. The idea that evolution is an urgent problem that needs solving right now is absurd on its face. I suppose that because the power to tax is the power to destroy, one could argue that the strong will tax the weak to death, but that's hardly an argument in favor of high taxes.

I see no resemblance at all between evolution and global warming, and I resent the attempted linkage.


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Happy Sunday!

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Pious Gratitude to wRitErsbLock

1:51 PM Oct 7, 2009

by Rob Ritchie

Classical Values is talking about banking deregulation.

So, what made these stuffy uptight guys decide they could get away with ditching the old uptight unfair standards that said (among other things) that some people are more worthy of getting loans than others?

The answer, as most of us know, is the government. It wasn't as if these guys just stripped off their pinstripes and dove into the economic orgy room; they did something that's really perfectly in character for stuffy uptight guys -- they did as they were told. And they were told not to ever under any circumstances do anything that might in any way be interpreted by anyone at ACORN to have so much as a smidgen of an appearance of anything resembling discrimination. (A word denoting pure, unmitigated evil.)

Denounced as racist. Move on.