New Game

9:44 AM Jul 31, 2011by Rob Ritchie

I've been working on a new game for Necronomicon 2011, though the things I'm putting together will work for a lot of humor-based fantasy games I think.

I'm using the Cortex system, which gives me a lot of freedom with character creation and the cinematic play style I favor.

The game takes place in a rural fantasy setting, in the small village of Hardscrapple Downs, populated by Halflings and Gnomes. I'm thinking of redneck halflings as PCs, thinking Justified meets The Hobbit.

Hardscrapple Downs was imagined as part of a backstory for a couple of characters I've played over the years, as a place people get away from. But I started fleshing out what it was like in-game and it became for me an interesting setting in its own right.

I guess we'll see.

More info: here.