4:00 AM May 26, 2008

by Rob Ritchie

Sad, but true....

12:23 PM May 25, 2008by Rob Ritchie

Return to Sender

Dear 3rd District Voter:

Are you sick and tired of Bill Clinton and his tax-and-spend insider Democrat friends in Congress? Then please cast your vote me, Jerry Bristol, in the upcoming 1994 election for the 3rd District seat in the United States House of Representatives

Read it all!

7:46 PM May 22, 2008

by Rob Ritchie

Imagine my surprise!

Muslim convert held after nail bomb blast in restaurant

8:31 AM May 17, 2008

by Rob Ritchie

Here, in two paragraphs, is why I will be voting for McCain this November.

Did you know this?

7:21 PM May 3, 2008by Rob Ritchie

Prisoners convicted of a violent offense make up over half of the prison population

Violent offenses include murder, negligent and nonnegligent manslaughter, rape, sexual assault, robbery, assault, extortion, intimidation, criminal endangerment, and other violent offenses.

Property offenses include burglary, larceny, motor vehicle theft, fraud, possession and selling of stolen property, destruction of property, trespassing, vandalism, criminal tampering, and other property offenses.

Drug offenses include possession, manufacturing, trafficking, and other drug offenses.

Public-order offenses include weapons, drunk driving, escape/flight to avoid prosecution, court offenses, obstruction, commercialized vice, morals and decency charges, liquor law violations, and other public-order offenses.

Pious gratitude to: Patterico, who has much more.

8:24 AM May 3, 2008

by Rob Ritchie

John Hinderaker's encounter with CNN's outrageous propoganda reminds me why I don't watch CNN.

A few weeks ago, I was having dinner in a restaurant that had CNN playing over the bar. They began a story entitled "Critics Say McCain Too Much Like Bush."

I pondered the newsworthiness of reporting this unexceptional fact, but then realized that the purpose of the story wasn't to inform, but to influence those Democratic voters who might be considering voting for McCain. A reminder that someone, somewhere, is reminded of the hated Shrubby McChimpHitler might secure them back to a vote in the liberal column.

What amazed me the most, though, is that this fluffy piece lasted at least five minutes. Of such things does the decline of a great cable company consist.

8:46 PM May 2, 2008

by Rob Ritchie

Bull Connor, Democrat.