Like a good neighbor....

10:02 AM Apr 9, 2004by Rob Ritchie know the rest. On Tuesday, State Farm settled with us concerning our recent unpleasantness.

On Thursday, the first stuff showed up at the door: a big box of DVDs and the camera.

Can't beat that.

Update: From Lileks (where else) I find this delightful discussion of the morality of burglers. A short quote:

Acquisitive crime has no grand motive or justification in the minds of those who commit it: burglary is not a conscious revenge on abstract economic injustice, but an attempt to acquire what it would otherwise take time and diligence to acquire.
Give it a read.

Waiting, waiting

11:18 AM Apr 1, 2004by Rob Ritchie

Since I'm waiting for some calls from cleaners, I figure I'll pass the time doing this.


9:42 AM Apr 1, 2004by Rob Ritchie

Donna called me at work yesterday at 4:35, telling me that she'd just got home and that our home had been broken into. I rushed right home.

Someone took the kitchen door off its hinges with the tools readily available in my garage. They got into the garage by removing a screen from a narrow window and wriggling in.

We're still discovering what's missing, but so far, we estimate that it's about 50 DVD's, 40 CD's, $50 in cash, the digital camera and a few other small items. Plus, a large red nylon duffle bag, I suppose to carry the loot.

They didn't touch any of the larger electronics, for example, the TVs, VCRs, DVD players, computer, Donna's video editing equipment, etc.

Oh, they made sandwiches, and took the vodka we keep in the freezer.

I guess we should count ourselves lucky that they didn't trash the place, or vandalize anything; we've heard horror stories.

The police officer who investigated dusted for prints, found none, left an enormous mess all over the house. My advice to you: if you are the victim of a crime that isn't a murder, ask them not to dust for prints: it's a real aggrivation, as it doesn't clean up very easily.

I suppose, considering the items stolen, that the burgler was a kid skipping school. Perhaps the kid's parent will discover him with all this stuff and turn it into the police and we'll get it all back. I'm not holding my breath, though.

Little bastard.

Update: This is not and April Fool's Joke; it is, unfortunately, all too real. I keep finding more things missing. A preliminary pricing estimate (via. Amazon) is $1500.00 worth of stuff. I know, it's just stuff: but it was my stuff. Most of these things I got for birthdays or for Christmas.

Little bastard!