The National Debt Road Trip

3:15 PM Jun 9, 2009by Rob Ritchie

Hat tip: mkhammer

Orlando Tea Party!

2:12 PM Mar 21, 2009by Rob Ritchie

I just got back from the Orlando Tea Party in downtown Eola Park. Really good turn-out, several thousand people probably but it's hard to tell.

I'll have more pictures later....wait for it!

Update:  OK, the pictures are uploaded. Click here!

Update 2:  Hey! I've been Instalanched! Thanks for the link, Perfesser!

Orlando Tea Party Today!

9:53 AM Mar 21, 2009by Rob Ritchie

6:28 PM Mar 16, 2009

by Rob Ritchie

Is Obama incompetent?

Frankly, I doubt that he and his gang of socialist toadies is any more incompetent than any other Democratic Senator with no meaningful executive experience. On the other hand, you could probably fill a sock with cat shit and fling it into a Green Day concert and smack somebody who could do a better job.

Sure, our investments are losing value faster than any time in recorded history, and the Obama State Department can't even keep friggin' England happy with some fish-and-chips. Also, it appears that he picks his cabinet by going through a book of mugshots and choosing the ones with the least-noticeable tattoos.

OK, maybe he is exactly as incompetent as we feared he would be. Maybe his room-temperature IQ is fouling the gears of government to an extent that our little 10-speed is going to lose its chain.

What concerns me is that the loving, tolerant and profoundly racist Left of this country are going to sadly shake their heads, lower their expectations, move their goalposts and promote him socially to the next grade without ever examining why Obammy can't read.

And if they do that, they'll set back the cause of African-Amricans by twenty years.

Their first will be our last, and that would be sad. Because there are African-Americans who better deserve to be in the office than Barack H. Obama. And I think he's ruining the place for all of us.

8:24 PM Feb 26, 2009

by Rob Ritchie

Interior Decision on Oil Shale Locks Away American Energy Resource Larger than Total Reserves of Middle East

Earlier this week, Secretary Salazar suggested America’s massive and homegrown reserves of oil shale held ‘great potential.’ Unfortunately, the Interior Department’s decision today may help ensure that potential never becomes reality – in the process, locking-away an American energy resource larger than the total reserves of the entire Middle East.

Well, it's not like it isn't exactly what we expected an Obama Department of the Interior to do.