4:59 PM Jun 20, 2009

by Rob Ritchie

4:57 PM Jun 20, 2009

by Rob Ritchie

It's sad because it's true:

Why I Walked Out of ‘Year One’ Crying

2:35 PM Jun 20, 2009

by Rob Ritchie

Rethinking Autism

7:13 PM Jun 13, 2009

by Rob Ritchie

Here's an awesome video of a young Belgian soccer player being revived by his implantable cardiac defibrillator:

Dr Wes writes:

In this video, Van Loo is seen walking from the field and then collapsing at 7 seconds, his legs are seen twitching at 15 seconds as his automatic defibrillator fires to restore his heart rhythm to normal, and then by 21 seconds after the event he regains conciousness and sits up....

Despite all of the press out there, this is NOT a heart attack, but rather the result of a life-threatenting heart rhythm disorder like ventricular fibrillation or ventricular tachycardia. In young people, the cause of these life-threatening arrhythmias include right ventricular dysplasia, catecholamine-induced ventricular tachycardia, idiopathic cardiomyopathy, and long QT syndrome (to name just a few). At maximum output, a defibrillator can deliver about 830 volts in a tenth of a second to restore the heart rhythm back to normal.

This is quite different from my complaint, which is Atrial fibrillation

4:01 PM Jun 13, 2009

by Rob Ritchie

US museum shooter son slams father's 'cowardice'

"I cannot express enough how deeply sorry I am it was Mr Johns, and not my father who lost their life," the shooter's Florida-based son said.

You know, you've got to be a pretty rotten guy to have your son say this about you in a prepared statement.

"For the extremists who believe my father is a hero: it is imperative you understand what he did was an act of cowardice," he said.

"To physically force your beliefs onto others with violence is not brave, but bullying. Doing so only serves to prove how weak those beliefs are. It is simply desperation, reminiscent of a temper tantrum when a child cannot get his way."

7:50 PM Jun 11, 2009

by Rob Ritchie

Maura Flynn lays out The Republican Case for Gay Marriage

Read it, even if you don't agree with it.

The National Debt Road Trip

3:15 PM Jun 9, 2009by Rob Ritchie

Hat tip: mkhammer

3:05 PM Jun 9, 2009

by Rob Ritchie

Cool! A girl I knew in college got an opinion piece published.

Give it a read.

6:24 PM Jun 2, 2009

by Rob Ritchie

If Dick Cheney really were Darth Vader