Dark Tower

11:25 AM Sep 17, 2003by Rob Ritchie

Last Sunday, I was over at Chris's with my regular every-other-Sunday gaming group playing Iron Kingdoms.

(If, by this point this makes no sense to you, skip this post.)

Anyway, at one point, I don't remember why, Frank and I started humming the exact same dischordant little tune, which we both knew because it was from this great game called Dark Tower that we used to play back in collage when we all lived in an apartment together during the summer break. The game belonged to Greg, and we played it off and on all summer long.

Other, younger, or less experienced gamers at the table wondered what the hell we were doing, so we launched into an extensive digression about the game, trying to describe Dark Tower to those poor benighted souls that had never played it.

Today, it's the subject of a Bleat. Apparently, Lileks played it during college when he and his friends shared an appartment.

Perhaps, you may be saying to yourself, Lileks is part of my gaming group. Or, better yet, that I am the mysterious and ellusive Giant Swede! Outed at last!

Nah. It's just one of those very strange convergences of his life and my own that I've noticed over the years. What is this guy, my evil twin?

If you are curious about this game, here's a link.