7:44 AM Apr 30, 2009

by Rob Ritchie

OCPS board member Nancy Robbinson calls out Kat Gordon for unseemly behavior at school closings meeting

Nancy Robbinson acknowledged that the April 15 rule development session committee on school closures was tough for everyone, but she did not agree with Kat Gordon's lecture to the community.

She asked for a workshop to review the board's ethics and civility codes.

"It is tough and uncomfortable" to listen to some of the comments at high-profile meetings, Robbinson said. "I do not agree with responding in kind."

She said she was worried Gordon violated ethics or civility codes, and she wanted to be sure everyone reviewed them.

Gordon's opinion, she said, is not the board's opinion.

Gordon stood her ground.

"I am not going to shuffle my feet, bow my head... I am going to speak up," she said. Gordon added that her community feels she had a right to say what she said -- about the hurts of past racism and other issues, including the behavior of teachers who attended the meeting.

It was the audience, not Gordon, who was abusive, Gordon said.

"I am not up here to be stepped on. I refuse to be stepped on," she said.

And she placed the blame squarely on Chairwoman Joie Cadle's shoulders.

"I feel it should have been stopped," she said about the "abusive" comments coming from the public and teachers at the meeting.

Cadle agreed to hold a workshop. She also agreed with Gordon's request to read a conduct or civility code before any of those types of emotionally charged meetings are held.

This is what they're talking about:

TOTUS Blinks (again)

3:01 PM Apr 28, 2009by Rob Ritchie

Swine Flu Questionnaire

2:43 PM Apr 28, 2009by Rob Ritchie

As you have been hearing in the news, 40 cases of swine influenza A (H1N1) virus infection have been reported in the U.S. Five states are currently affected, including California, Kansas, New York, Ohio and Texas. Human cases of swine influenza A (H1N1) virus infection also have been identified internationally.

In order to better judge the likelihood of an outbreak of swine influenza A (H1N1), the following questionnaire has been developed to identify specific risk factors that may contribute to an emergency situation. Please consider each question carefully and answer as fully as you are able.

  1. Have you, an immediate family member, or any intimate friend or acquaintance within the last two weeks engaged in any travel that included Mexico either as a destination or transit hub?
  2. Have you, an immediate family member, or any intimate friend or acquaintance experienced any flu or flu-like symptoms (including but not limited to fever, cough, sore throat, headache, fatigue, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea)?
  3. Have you eaten any roasted, barbequed or smoked pork products that were raw, undercooked, or otherwise less than well done within the last month?
  4. Have you, a spouse or significant other visited a farm or petting zoo for sexual purposes within the last two weeks?
  5. Do you, an immediate family member or any intimate friend consider swine flu to be kosher and/or halal?
  6. Do you hope to kiss a pig if you answered any of these questions untruthfully?

10:47 AM Apr 26, 2009

by Rob Ritchie

This post stolen virtually in it's entirety from LGF:

Charles write:

Artist Peter Funch creates mind-bending images by setting up his camera in one spot, shooting pictures for several days at a time, then using Photoshop to blend the separate photographs in thematic ways...

The results are really quite amazing!

7:26 AM Apr 24, 2009

by Rob Ritchie

Michael Goldfarb asks a good question:

I wonder why the same people squealing about the alleged moral indignity to which these monsters were subjected are the same people who want the government to keep morality out of their bedrooms and doctors' offices. Why should the government be forbidden from making a moral judgment about gay marriage or abortion but compelled to make a moral judgment about the treatment of terrorists plotting to murder Americans citizens?

A sign of the times....

2:58 PM Apr 18, 2009by Rob Ritchie

Picture taken with my new Blackberry Pearl

7:46 AM Apr 17, 2009

by Rob Ritchie

Here's something I've know for a while now: Nasal Irrigation Can Ease Allergy Symptoms

Pollen forecasters are predicting a heavy season this year, so allergy sufferers may be struggling to find relief.

For some, the neti pot, a nasal irrigator that resembles a small teapot, has become an alternative remedy. While it is not nearly as convenient as popping a pill or using a spray, several recent studies have found that nasal irrigation can reduce symptoms of allergies and other nasal problems.

One benefit is that irrigation can clear nasal passages without dryness or “rebound” congestion, which occurs when overuse of decongestants leads to dependence and irritated tissue.

Since my sinus surgery in 2007, I've found my neti very helpful.

12:33 PM Apr 15, 2009

by Rob Ritchie

Happy Tax Day, everyone!

7:06 PM Apr 9, 2009

by Rob Ritchie

OK, this is pretty cool! Meet Rovio

6:31 AM Apr 9, 2009

by Rob Ritchie