No suprise....

11:02 AM Feb 18, 2007by Rob Ritchie

Charles Schumer Vows To Plunge America Into Another Vietnam

“There will be resolution after resolution, amendment after amendment . . . just like in the days of Vietnam,” Schumer said. “The pressure will mount, the president will find he has no strategy, he will have to change his strategy and the vast majority of our troops will be taken out of harm’s way and come home.”

This, my friends, is what you get when you give Democrats control of Congress during wartime when they don't control the White House.

The only way they'll get on board is if they control the whole shooting match.


Just remember this if things go really, really bad in Iraq...we pull out, Taliban-like forces take over, annexation by Iran, 1,000,000 civilian deaths, etc.

When they said that Iraq was another Vietnam, it wasn't a prediction, it was a promise.

12:52 PM Feb 13, 2007

by Rob Ritchie

Cubans feel betrayed by tourist playground

"Fidel has starved us," he whispered. "Yes, there is a lack of food but it is more than that. We are starving for information, for opportunity, for freedom. We want to enjoy the same things as those people over there," he said as a fresh batch of tourists spilled out of the doors of a tour bus.

Captain Ed has more.

This just in!

10:37 PM Feb 12, 2007by Rob Ritchie

Wild animals, even in the zoo, will kill you:

One of the cats that killed her was named Bongo. Aerts had adopted Bongo under a special program, paying for food for the cat, Libot said.

"Karen loved animals. Unfortunately the cheetahs betrayed her trust," he said.

Unfortunately, cheetahs can't tell the difference between an animal lover and a normal person.

Maybe they aren't worthy of your love....

6:09 PM Feb 12, 2007

by Rob Ritchie

Prison rape is no laughing is a horrifying stain on our national honor.

So why is it that it is most often considered a joke?

12:21 PM Feb 11, 2007

by Rob Ritchie

Save this for later; but not too much later.

Michael Yon: Roughnecks

12:08 PM Feb 11, 2007

by Rob Ritchie

Steve Martin goes fatwa-hunting: Seventy-Two Virgins

Because, we know they ain't got no sense of humor about this stuff....

7:07 PM Feb 9, 2007

by Rob Ritchie

Your results:
You are Wash (Ship Pilot)

Wash (Ship Pilot)
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You are a pilot with a good
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1:17 PM Feb 9, 2007

by Rob Ritchie

An interesting discussion of the Astronaut Gone Wild

10:34 PM Feb 6, 2007

by Rob Ritchie

I hate Macs

Thanks LauraG!

10:54 PM Feb 4, 2007

by Rob Ritchie

No, I'm not watching the Super Bowl.

I'm reading Mark Steyn:

[I]f you really don't like the global weather, wait half-a-millennium. A thousand years ago, the Arctic was warmer than it is now. Circa 982, Erik the Red and a bunch of other Vikings landed in Greenland and thought, "Wow! This land really is green! Who knew?" So they started farming it, and were living it up for a couple of centuries. Then the Little Ice Age showed up, and they all died. A terrible warning to us all about "unsustainable development": If a few hundred Vikings doing a little light hunter-gathering can totally unbalance the environment, imagine the havoc John Edwards' new house must be wreaking.

11:27 AM Feb 3, 2007

by Rob Ritchie

Did Jeffrey Dahmer murder Adam Walsh?

An interesting article suggests that he did.

4:34 PM Feb 2, 2007

by Rob Ritchie

An interesting Charles Krauthammer column: Who's to Blame for The Killing:

We have made a lot of mistakes in Iraq. But when Arabs kill Arabs and Shiites kill Shiites and Sunnis kill all in a spasm of violence that is blind and furious and has roots in hatreds born long before America was even a republic, to place the blame on the one player, the one country, the one military that has done more than any other to try to separate the combatants and bring conciliation is simply perverse.

It infantilizes Arabs. It demonizes Americans. It willfully overlooks the plainest of facts: Iraq is their country. We midwifed their freedom. They chose civil war.

Sadly, I think he's correct.