Human Rights Imperialism: leftist satire or moral collapse?

8:40 PM Jan 22, 2011by Rob Ritchie

Another gem by Zombie

6:35 PM Jan 12, 2011

by Rob Ritchie

Ace unloads on Howard Kurtz, et al.

And oddly enough-- even as Howard Kurtz offers to admit on Palin's behalf that she talked in violent code that resulted in murder -- I notice that not a single figure on the left is willing to do likewise.

8:33 PM Jan 11, 2011

by Rob Ritchie

In response to Tuscon, Obama declared a "War on Schizophrenia".

The President was quick to say that "Schizophrenia is a mental illness of Peace."

3:28 PM Jan 11, 2011

by Rob Ritchie

The wonders of Deinstitutionalizationalism

I'd like to point out that for every dangerous mentally-ill person waiting to fulfill his murderous impulses, there are probably 100 people who, while not dangerous, are suffering and helpless in the grip of their illness.

A moral society would help them, not leave them to die in the street.

8:11 PM Jan 10, 2011

by Rob Ritchie

The swiftness with which some on the left leapt to politicize the murders in Tuscon, makes me think that they were eagerly hoping for something like this to happen.

I almost wrote "praying for something like this to happen" but changed my mind because the type of person who would hope for something like this is unlikely to be a praying person.