The Obligatory 'Sorry I haven't been blogging' Post

5:39 PM Mar 31, 2010by Rob Ritchie

Actually, I'm not really that sorry.

I've been Tweeting, though, and if you want to see what I'm up to, you can go here.

5:42 PM Mar 15, 2010

by Rob Ritchie

Instapundit quotes a reader:

The real story in that poll is not merely that “swing-district voters oppose ObamaCare.” No, the real story in that poll is that voters will punish their congressman if he votes FOR ObamaCare, but they will treat him better at the polls if he votes “NO.”

This far more pointed and potent message just isn’t getting through, Glenn. It directly refutes the White House narrative, which says the opposite: that if ObamaCare fails, swing-state Dems will suffer more in November. That Big Lie has now been poll-tested, and proved false. If this message gets through to the swing-state Dems, I believe ObamaCare goes down to defeat this week.

Say that this is true, and Dems vote against Obama/Pelosi/ReidCare, and voters reward them in swing states. Suppose that as a result, Republicans don't win the House in November. Would this be a win, or a loss?

I say a win. I'll accept Democrats who vote in their own self-interest as long as they vote for (or against) the things I want.