Monthly Archives

11:42 AM Nov 9, 2008by Rob Ritchie

It's been a long time since I made any substantive changes to my blog software, but I added Monthly Archives today. Scroll down, and on the left right you will eventually come to a spot titled 'Archives' with all my posts available my month and year.

If you have a mind to, take a trip through memory lane. It was interesting for me.


11:08 AM Mar 17, 2004by Rob Ritchie

I archive my posts periodically so that only those posted in the last couple of weeks actually show on the home page.

However, you can still see them by selecting a category from the list to the right. Not all posts are categorized, however, but you can see them by choosing the 'Uncategorized' category (if you get my meaning).

Archive search is on the radar, but work's been way too hectic for me to want to do any programming at home.

Image Handling Improved

4:33 PM Feb 13, 2004by Rob Ritchie

I know that this will mean nothing to anyone but me, but I've made some changes to my blogging software that makes it easier for me to upload and insert images into my posts.

The previous two entries were the first recipients of this.

Expect to see more gratutitious use of images in the future.

New Blog Software

12:50 AM Aug 29, 2003by Rob Ritchie

What's the use of being a professional web programmer if you can't write your own blog software in a couple of hours?

Not much use at all, actually. This junk will probably crash and lose everything, but at least I have permalinks for a while and comments. I only brought a few of the most recent posts over, bringing the rest will be tedious, and I probably won't do it.

More features will come on line as I think of them and get motivated.